Render BPMN Files in Microsoft Sharepoint

Hi all,

I was wondering if there is already some kind of sharepoint plugin to render/show a bpmn file directly in sharepoint?

Or does anyone know if it’s possible to integrate in sharepoint?

We just want to show bpmn files, which are already located in sharepoint.


I’ve just been exporting from the modeler into SVG, and then posting those on our Sharepoint.
Since SVG is XML, it appears to version well.

@ patrick.schalk

Have you ever found an answer to this question?

Hi @Mathias_Meyer ,

sadly I’m not longer in the project, I don’t know which solution they have chosen now.

One idea was to build, e.g. in the CI/CD pipeline, a html snippet per bpmn which uses to render the bpmn.
This could then be embedded into a sharepoint page.