Render HTML variable in form

I want to use ng-bind-html to render a html content e.g. <div ng-bind-html="message"></div>

Tasklist form silently failed with no html rendering, console debugger says:
Error: [$sce:unsafe] Attempting to use an unsafe value in a safe context.$sce/unsafe -> say: You may want to include the ngSanitize module …

Then I try to inject sanitizer during variables-fetched phase but no way…
[$injector:unpr] Unknown provider: $ngSanitizeProvider

Any idea?

Using: camunda 7.5 tasklist

Content you are trying to render is not trusted as html.

You need to use angular $sce service trustAsHtml method somewhere in your controller before trying to bind this scope property as html.

Ok it means that for array of elements or complex elements, I have to preprocess them all once fetched, right?

Yes, you are correct. That would be best solution. You could also use filter, but then you would process them every time scope changes.