Reopening a task in a process

For scenario- a->b->c->d->f

note : Here E is attached to C …

here a, b,d,e,f are user task
Q:1. Can we reopen task any task and regain the state of process before closing or in between.

Q:2:If C is decision task and on YES it goes to ‘d’ and on NO it goes to ‘E’
User has completed C task with Yes, so currently d task is open.
If user reopens the task c again and inputs ‘NO’ then task E is opened again.

Check out :


Task lifecycle indicates that you cannot reopen a closed task. You can instatiate a new instance of a previous task. But you can’t reopen instance of a closed task.

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I understood that we cant reopen the same instance of task, But in above scenario how can we achieve the same ?
The way I think that either we create the same process with different processId and complete till the task we want to reopen or generate a workflow which actually have a loop back for those task which we wants to reopen.

correct me if I am wrong or suggest me a different approach if u think of one.


I found a way out …using

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I have the same scenario that i have to send back to previous UserTask at certain condtions. How can we do it without changing Task Ids and other details of completed task.

A->B->C->D can be reversed to D->C->B .

You will have to redesign your process or needs. The lifecycle of a task is not supposed to support this. The task instance id would change.

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