Require Camunda7 Enterprise Licensing details

Hi Team,

Our Business Team has come up with couple of questions with respect to Camunda7 Enterprise licensing and would like to know few details regarding that.

If we choose Camunda7 Enterprise edition,
How long will it be supported.
What level of support will we be provided from Camunda7 team.
How is the licensing provided? Is it a 1 time license procurement or periodically ?
What is the cost of the license?


I think these questions are best addressed by Camunda’s sales team. You can contact them, for example, via Camunda’s contact form:

You can read more about the services that are included in the Enterprise plan: Enterprise Support | Camunda
Some general, noncommittal, answers:

  • You’ll get access to enterprise features
  • There are different SLAs, 8x5 and 24x7
  • You will have access to Camunda’s Support Team and a contingent of remote consulting hours
  • Furthermore, a CSM from Camunda may accompany you on your jurney with Camunda products
  • There will be full support for Camunda 7 until April 2027, read more here: Support Announcements |