"Required" Validation on hidden Inputs


I’m using Camunda Modeler to create a task form.

My goal is to add a text field wich is hidden on a specific parameter. Also, if the field is shown it should be required.
But if I combine these requirements i can’t complete the task if the field is hidden because its empty and so not valid.

BTW: I use a custom asklist wih the form.js lib.

Is there a way to accomplish this behavior ?


Hello @Anri - I did a quick test and ran into the same issue myself! I will bring this feedback to the team behind Modeler and form-js!

Thank you :slight_smile:


Thanks for reporting. I can reproduce the bug, and created an issue for it. Feel free to add your input: If a field is hidden, it should NOT be validated · Issue #825 · bpmn-io/form-js · GitHub

If you ever come across a bug in form-js in the future, feel free to create an issue in the library’s repository: Issues · bpmn-io/form-js · GitHub