Resolution of picture exports

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I’m using the exported .png files from Camunda v1.0.0 to print out and present to others, but the resolution is quite bad and makes it incredibly difficult to read.When comparing the resolution of an older Camunda .png export to the one I get with v1.0.0, it is significantly worse.

Are there any plans to improve the resolution or at least to make it an option to have a higher resolution export??



Have you tried the svg format?

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I thought I had, but I tried it again just to be sure, and it’s a lot better than I remember it being, and I think it’ll be sufficient for my presentation.



I have the same Problem as @Pial. I have tested the svg format but for me it is not very suitable for use in a word document or for printing. Is there another solution?


Hi Yves,

for now, I would recommend exporting SVG and then export a high resolution PNG with the vector graphics tool of your choice. If you are looking for a free tool, I suggest you try Inkscape.


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Ok, i will try this. But it will be much more comfortable when i could make this direct in camnunda modeler.

Thanks for your reply!