Resource modeling


One of the challenges I face in my projects is how to define a resource model so as to make the assignments of tasks to resources. The Admin app is rather basic with the groups and users lists and doesn’t suit my needs well because I want to describe resources with more than just names (and emails). For example I want to describe skills for each user.
At the moment I use a data model, I store information in a database. The information is inserted manually I would say. Just before a task, I make a query to the database to select a resource and assign him to the task.
I would like to hear though other ideas how you use a resource model. Maybe xml/json files instead of databases? Do you use a UI to describe resources? Any example?


@kontrag resource modelling is a good usecase for a external microservice that you could access through the Task Create listener to update a local variable.

Example you may want to use something like Jboss/kbpm Drools or OptaPlanner and access that as your microservice.