Respecting the BPMN2 standard


I am currently trying to create User Tasks on Camunda and I have noted that the resulting bpmn file uses the following xml attributes for the assignee and the inputParamenter:

camunda:assignee, camunda:inputParameter.

These are, if I am not mistaken, not a standard way of defining such attributes.

I was therefore wondering:

  • Is there another way of producing a standard-compliant BPMN file?
  • Can the Camunda BPMN process engine import such BPMN files? (i.e.: Can we import BPMN files from other modelers?)

Thank you for your time.

Feel free to ask for additional information.

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Extensions to the bpmn XML in order to execute the process is indeed part of the standard.
These extensions would simply be ignored by other engines and modelers.

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This link may be of interest. Its the model interchange working group where you can see many BPMN tools interchange models…




Hi @Frajedo,

Camunda engine supports the BPMN standard way as well:

Hope this helps, Ingo

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Thank you very much for your answers, combined I have all the needed information!