Response from HTTP webhook connector fails

We are starting a process with a call to the HTTP webhook connector.
However, the response from the connector is not being delivered back.

The response is: {"status":"success"}.

The response I get is the below without nothing in the body:

We have Camunda SelfManaged installed in a Kubernetes environment. In the connectors logs there is no error to debug this problem.

Are you able to help?


Some help here, please.

Anyone can help?

Can you show your webhook configuration?


Hi @lbtourais, if you want to return data your need to specify either the response expression (since 8.6.0-alpha1) or the response body expression (supported by 8.5).

You will need to change your response expression in the following way to render a body:

{"body": {"status": "success"}}
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Exacly, prior to 8.6, the HTTP Webhook Connector supported a response body expression. As of 8.6, this was replaced with a more powerful construct that allows control over not only the response body, but also the headers and the HTTP status returned by the Connector.

Hi @sbuettner and @Domingos_Dias,

I have changed my response expression to what you have suggested:

However, the same happens. The body returned is empty:

I think this has some to do with the configuration of the kubernetes environment and istio. But we did not found the missing config. Are you able to help us with that?


Did you change the connectors version to 8.6.0-alpha1?

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I had not changed the version. Right now, I changed it and it was solved. Thank you!

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