REST API authentication

Hi, does anyone know how to authenticate to be able to use the operate REST API ? Actually I am copying the headers used by the operate web app, but for production it is not the best idea. I have already contacted the zeebe team to purchase an enterprise license but did not get any answer.
Thank you

Duplicate of: How to authenticate the Camunda-operate REST API

If you get no love for an Enterprise license, check this out:

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Hi @jwulf, the enterprise license is really expensive for me as I have a startup and for the moment I cannot pay such license. I decided to develop my own monitor using the bpmn.js lib. Thank you

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There is also Simple Monitor:

You might be able to use it / reuse parts of its code.

Thank you @jwulf, I have already used Monitor when I developed a Camunda based solution 3 years ago and I think it will help me a lot. BR