REST API for Batch Operations

Hi! Did camunda engine have rest endpoint for batch operations? Can`t find that in docs.


You can find docs on batch operations here:

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Thanks. I cant create batch job from rest?

Creating a batch operation depends on what you’re trying to do. For instance if you want to delete a number of processes as a batch then you’d call the Delete (Async) rest call under the process instance header

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O, i understand, thanks. Right now i want increment numbers of retry for all instances, witch fall to incidents.

Sure thing - you could query for the instances of the jobs you want and then use theSet Job Retries (Async) call .

Thanks, i call /jobs/retries/

“retries”: 1,

“jobQuery”: {
“withException” : true

Batch created, but didint start progressing. Is there some queue logic for batch execution? How i can estimate end of batch job? Did i have possibility to create batch, witch never ending? For example adding retry for first pack of job, when camunda go to second pack - first pack go to Exception, and go on.