Rest API /task doesnt show up the running service Task

I am trying to retrieve all the running service and waiting task through Rest API(/task). I am not able to get the running service task through API given business-key but I get all the user Task. How do I retrieve the service task though API ( also how do I get through programmatically, spring boot)

Hi @Harsha_Jayaram
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So, the task API call refers only to user tasks, so it’ll never return any other task type. Getting a service task from the engine will depend on how exactly you’ve implemented the service.
Can you upload you model?

sample_v1.bpmn (4.3 KB) Uploaded the model.
If download task takes long time, how can I figure out from API (or through program) that the workflow is in downloadReport service task.

You could ask the process instance for the current activity instance


This would return all of the activities that are currently active for a process instance.