Rest API to filter historic tasks by multiple candidateGroup

Camunda Rest API is not supporting to filter historic tasks by multiple candidateGroup or candidateUsers.

My input would be like either candidateGroup=“Team1, Team2, Team3” or candidateUsers=“Usr1,Usr2,Usr3”.

How to achieve this inorder to fetch the historic tasklist?

Hi @aravindhrs,

As you write, this is currently not a feature of the Java or REST API. You can implement a custom or native query ( on the Java level and then expose a custom REST endpoint that exposes it.

It would also make a useful addition to the Camunda REST API, so please let us know if you would like to contribute this functionality.


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Yeah sure @thorben

I have already started the development. And I’m happy to contribute to camunda. Will let you know once the implementation done :slight_smile:


Is there update on this Aravind ?