REST apis to show user's process instances

Sorry for the type of the question but I would like some suggestions on how to handle my problem.

I am building an app from which I complete user tasks. At the beginning a user is signing in and when the instance goes to a user task, the signed in user is assigned to it.

At the main page, I want to have a table that show the signed user’s instances (completed or active) with some of the submitted variables.

For example, the user application has three steps. The table shows that this user has completed 1 or 2 or 3 … instances and has created (started) a new one and is currently on user task 2 for example.

I need to achieve this using rest api endpoints.

I hope I have made my point clear. Feel free to ask for any clarification.
Thank you!!

hello @konkouts
for the active tasks waiting for the user you can use this endpoint, passing the query param “assignee” with the username:

for the activities already completed you have to search in history apis, so you can use this endpoint with the “taskAssignee” query param:

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