Rest apis vs java apis

I have a big debate going on in my org between using Rest API vs Java APIs. Can anyone please share their pros and cons of using rest api over java apis.

Are there are any real performance issues in using Rest APIs ?

what are you trying to do with the APIs?

if you look at the implementation of the REST api, the classes that not overly complicated, mostly error handling logic and data wrangling.

Hi Stephen, I am using rest APIs for all my interactions with the engine, to start a process, change variables, complete user tasks etc … basically I am trying to use the rest APIs with a custom UI …

And how would you UI speak with the Camunda JAva API?

I am planning to have react / angular based UI that will talk to cmaunda via rest APIs tgta engine provides.

Okay, so how would your angular app talk to camunda using the Java API? With your stack it seems you should be using the Camunda API?

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Yes Stephen, using Camunda rest APIs…

Your original question stated you had a debate about using the java api vs the rest API. Given your stack, how would you use only the java API to talk to your front end ?

sorry, I should have been clear in my responses. for rest API approach we will have to build a custom task list. for java apis, we are thinking of using the default task list. but not sure if we would run into any limitations or issues in using default task list