REST Connector different OAuth flows


i have a REST connector and it should call an API using a client credentials token when a message is received in ActiveMQ and a auth code token when an API is called passing the auth code token ( so in this case i need to use the same token in the REST connector as what was passed to the API ).

How can i do that?
I want to use either the Bearer token option or the OAuth 2.0 option of the REST Connector authentication depending on the case but i don’t see a way to do that.


Hi @aowss - the REST protocol Connector doesn’t currently support dynamically changing it’s authentication method. That’s an interesting use case. I think what I would do is fork the template and build my own that supports that dynamic option. It would still use the protocol Connector code under the hood, just a different template within Modeler. This blog post should help get you started:

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