REST Connector retries

Tibor Mikita: Hello :wave: Does REST connector automatically do retries on failure? Can this be configured?

Pavel Kotelevsky: Hi @Tibor Mikita :wave:

REST Connector automatically does 3 retries. From the perspective of Zeebe, the REST Connector task is a service task, and service tasks default to 3 retries.

Unfortunately, we donโ€™t yet offer a way to configure this via the element template. However, you can make the change in place in your BPMN XML by updating the task definition extension property of the rest connector task, e.g.:
<zeebe:taskDefinition type="io.camunda:http-json:1" retries="5" />

Please refer to the service tasks documentation for more insights.

Tibor Mikita: Thank you!

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Tibor Mikita: Btw @Milan Lesnek find a way how to set it up even in Camunda Modeler. Milan can you plz share the solution? :pray:

Milan Lesnek: I found it is possible to make properties entries visible with

    "entriesVisible": true

where it adds to modeler all of the inputs, outputs, header, and the task defitnitions with retries.
The hiding is mostly cosmetic update, so I see more value to stuff be a configurable, but it does removes these cosmetics hidings


I am not sure if by configurable you meant only the retries or also what would be considered a retryable error so I am not sure if this should be a separate question or not.

Will the REST connector retry any failures or would it just retry connection and 5XX failures ?