Rest connector truncates parameteres in payload with null value

Hello everyone,
We using rest connector and seems like it truncates parameteres with null value,
And in result variable we see that request was empty

How to avoid this behavior? We need to pass this parameteres even if its null

Hey @abralinov, which version of the Connector Runtime are you using? The latest alpha supports your use-case. The previous stable version (latest 8.5) supports it as well.

Or do you expect it to see in Operate?

Hey @sbuettner We use 8.5, but still have this issue

Hey @abralinov,

Could you try using to see what’s received exactly?

Additionally, could you post all the parameters used for this REST Connector please (headers, body, params, etc)?

Thank you

@jroques thank you for your response! Tried with and camundas free trial cluster - works fine. Looking for problem on our cluster.

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