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I’m very new to Camunda and I start modeling a process in order to call an API with the SaaS solution

I have created a simple process with a rest connector task

If the connector is calling a public API in the web, everything is ok. But if i try to call a localhost api, I get the following error :

Failed to invoke connector, received the following error: 500 Server ErrorGET http://localhost:8080/hello{}

I’m sure that my API is running because i can test it with POSTMAN and everything is ok.

Does anybody have an idea ?
Thanks a lot.

Hello @Adrien

Using Camunda 8 SaaS means that your processes are executed by the Camunda SaaS setup which is running somewhere at a cloud provider like Google, AWS etc. The Rest connector also runs in that setup and therefore localhost will resolve to that cloud provider. You cannot access an API running on your local computer just like that.

Hope that helps.



Hi @mimaom

Thanks for you reply.
I understand and I will manually install Camunda to solve this problem.

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Hi @Adrien

I you by manual install mean the the self managed (Camunda Platform 8 Self-Managed | Camunda Platform 8) - either local install or Docker, I don’t thinks that will work if you need to use the rest connector. As far as I know, the connectors are only available (for now) inside the Camunda 8 SaaS setup.


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You could access a service running on your local machine from Camunda in the Cloud using ngrok or similar.



Rest connector is a good improvement to avoid repetitive code in service tasks and help improve readability and efficiency in workflows.
Thanks for your replies, I hope the feature with be release soon for local installation.

I had not thought about that.
Thanks for the tip ! :+1: