REST Connector in Desktop Modeler

I’ve followed this tutorial to model, deploy and run a diagram with a call to an API: Getting started with API endpoints | Camunda Platform 8 Docs

Now I’d like to do the same in the Desktop Modeler, but I can’t find the “REST connector” template. Is there any way to install it in my local Desktop Modeler?

REMARK: I’ve seen here that it might be only available in the SaaS Modeler, is that correct?

in Desktop Modeler you’d have to configure template in your local file system I think:

According to the the 8.1 release article you should be able to spin the connector locally in self-managed but I’m not sure whether the templates are available anywhere at the moment:

Maybe it’s this one: connector-http-json/http-json-connector.json at main · camunda/connector-http-json · GitHub