REST: Find (also) all active call activities by business key, possible?


have the task to identifiy the status of a process by analyzing the current state of main process and all subprocesses. All share the same business key. If I call /engine-rest/task?businessKey=abc, I will only find the tasks, but for the analysis I need also all active call activities. The modeler names Call activities as a task, but for the engine it seems not to be a task, just an activity…

Is it possible to find also active call activities?

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Hi Michael,

you can request the activity instance tree of the process instance, maybe this is helpful for you.
Make a GET request on /process-instance/{id}/activity-instances
where id is the process instance id.

To found out the process instance id send a GET request to the
/execution?businessKey=abc resource, with your buisness key.
This will also return the executions for the sub processes.
See the docs for more informations.


HI team,

In my process I have used “callActivity” this successfully called subprocess.

Now I need to get sub process instance ID using parent process instance ID (calling process);

please help… even rest service or QueryService (back end code)

Thanks in advance…
DineshKumar Arivarasan

You can either search for superProcessInstance or subProcessInstances

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Thanks, Why can’t we use process-instance/{id}/activity-instances
Here what is the use of childActivityInstances and why it is empty for callActivity?

In case someone need a way to get all process instance child process instances via Java API

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