REST - Get Output Parameters from specific User Task

How can I get all Output parameters from a specific User task via REST GET request?
I want to show my users, all the required parameters which are necessary for specific task completion.

Kind regards, Domagoj.

How have you added these output parameters?

I’ve added these parameters directly in the Camunda modeler.

Can you please help me, don’t know what to do, this is an important issue because I can not finish the User task with unknown property… For example, I can not complete the task (Provjeri dokumentaciju) because I did not specify the output parameter (image).

The gateway (in the middle) depends on the output parameter (RezultatProvjere) value.

There is no specific endpoint for that.

If you really want to use output parameters to define “task form”, you need to parse them from the diagram. Diagram (XML) is available by process definition Camunda Automation Platform 7.21.0-SNAPSHOT REST API.

Have you considered using “Generated Task Forms”-feature by defining required fields at “Forms”-tab in the modeler? They support constraints like required User Task Forms | and they are validated with user readable error when completed with Camunda Automation Platform 7.21.0-SNAPSHOT REST API.

Unfortunately, “Generated Task Forms” also lack REST API for fetching the field configuration, but it is kinda possible to parse field configuration (names at least) from HTML returned by Camunda Automation Platform 7.21.0-SNAPSHOT REST API.

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Can I modify these variables (REST POST) while the process is running? For example, can the variable “FullDocumentation” become true at some point?

Sure. But you need to know whether the variable in question is in the process scope (visible for all tasks / executions) or task specific.

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