Rest request for process-instance history doesn't really like 'like'

I tried to google it, but with search Keywords as ‘like’ it’s somewhat hard.
I want to request the rest-api for alle process-instances with certain variable values.
One of my variables is an errorlist, which can contain multiple Errors (hopefully not, but well) so I want to get all process-instances containing a message buzzword like ‘buzz’ (just an example)
So I used the endpoint
/rest/history/process-instance (and ?maxResults=5 for convenience)
and this request Body
{“withIncidents” : true,
“variables”: [
“name”: “errorlist”,
“operator”: “like”,
“value”: “buzz”
but no chance. the result json is always empty (return Code = 200) % (percent) or asterisk didn’t help either.
If I happen to know the eq-value, I can search with eq or like, the result are the same. But this doesn’t really help me with my current problem.
Google hinted me, this was already a problem with 7.6 and 7.8
I am on 7.11 and it is either still a problem or it revived from death :slight_smile:
Any suggestions and help welcome
Sincerely, Marleen

@mkoerner Refer this post:

Hallo @aravindhrs well: you referred to a 7.12 manual. With 7.11 this rest/user endpoint works with complete entry (full given name is found, search with only first three letters gives an empty json)
And the parametrized search is (at least as by documentation) not valid for the endpoint /rest/history/process-instance
Could you Maybe try the history-endpoint if it works with 7.12? Then I would have to blame our old version and upgrade.
Thanks in Advance, mkoerner