Restart a finished application

Hello folks,

I did not find any way to restart a finished process or to migrate it (maybe it is just me that did not understand). The plan is that after some changes in the model I want to rerun part of the finished processes from a certain point, so far, I did not find any easy way to do it.

Now the idea I come up with is to copy the data of the instance of the process at that point of the old model and paste it in a new instance at that point (adding a field with the process id in the history to keep a link) but maybe there is a better way that I did not think through.


Hi @andrea_de_lucia

There certainly is an easier way of doing it.
We have a rest API that will let you migrate from one version to another.
And we also have this API which you can use to move token around your process including back to a previous activity.
Finally you can re-start a finished instance easily enough with this call.

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Thank Niall you saved me a lot of time :slight_smile: