Restart process instance - Rest api call error 400


I tried successfully to use the rest api with postman to restart a completed process, but in my cockpit plugin is not working and I cannot understand why I get error 400. for completeness I’m using the 7.14.5 and modified script from this tutorial: Tutorial: How to Build a Camunda Cockpit Plugin Using Tomcat - YouTube

I started off with Nial example of WatchGame and from postman when I search the history with
“localhost:8080/engine-rest/history/process-instance” with the right body ’ { “processDefinitionKey”: “WatchGame”} ’ I get:

        "id": "5560fdec-8054-11eb-bfdd-9cad97229f01",
        "businessKey": "myBusinessKey2",
        "processDefinitionId": "WatchGame:1:7438a1e9-801c-11eb-bfdd-9cad97229f01",
        "processDefinitionKey": "WatchGame",
        "processDefinitionName": "WatchGame",
        "processDefinitionVersion": 1,
        "startTime": "2021-03-08T22:22:06.296+0100",
        "endTime": "2021-03-09T07:04:33.173+0100",
        "removalTime": null,
        "durationInMillis": 31346877,
        "startUserId": null,
        "startActivityId": "StartEvent_1",
        "deleteReason": null,
        "rootProcessInstanceId": "5560fdec-8054-11eb-bfdd-9cad97229f01",
        "superProcessInstanceId": null,
        "superCaseInstanceId": null,
        "caseInstanceId": null,
        "tenantId": null,
        "state": "COMPLETED"

So I want to restart this process and I try in different ways with the same body:

  • Postman Body:

“instructions”: [
“type”: “startBeforeActivity”,
“activityId”: “StartEvent_1”
“processInstanceIds”: [ “5560fdec-8054-11eb-bfdd-9cad97229f01” ],
“initialVariables”: true,
“skipCustomListeners”: true,
“withoutBusinessKey”: false

fetch( api.engineApi + “/process-definition/” + “WatchGame:1:7438a1e9-801c-11eb-bfdd-9cad97229f01” +"/restart", {
method: ‘post’,
body: {
“instructions”: [
“type”: “startBeforeActivity”,
“activityId”: “StartEvent_1”
“processInstanceIds”: [
“initialVariables” : true,
“skipCustomListeners” : true,
“withoutBusinessKey” : false
headers: {
“Accept”: “application/json”,
“Content-Type”: “application/json”,
“X-XSRF-TOKEN”: api.CSRFToken,
}).then(async (res) => {
var result = await res.json();