Restore files

Is it possible to restore the files? Do you have a copy of the files. I need the files from February 13th.


What files do you mean
Can you explain the context
The question is vague

I deleted the wrong process file. I would like to restore/recover all the files.

Can you load a backup?

Did you delete it from the engine?
From a file system? who exactly did you perform the delete?

Yes, I did!
Online on my cumputer! Engine? File?

Can you specify what exactly file and from what folder you deleted? have you tried to restore deleted filed from your local bin?

i tried everything…It is file Phase 1 …

From where you initially downloaded the files? Can you share download link you used?

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Ok. It seems like you deleted some files from your project in Cawemo.
I do not think it’s possible to restore.
The following message displays to users when they delete files from Cawemo projects.