Retrieve process definition tasks (not running)

Hello guys,

Is there any way to retrieve the list of tasks that a process definition consist of?
engine-rest/task won’t do it because it brings back tasks for completion that are part of a process instance.

I just want to show a list to my app of the steps (user tasks) that come with a process definition.

Thanks a lot!

Hello my friend!

Check if the endpoint below helps you?

GET /task?processDefinitionId={aProcessDefinitionId}

I hope this helps.

William Robert Alves

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Hi @konkouts,

the upcoming tasks are all in the BPMN model (and only there).

You can get the model by the REST API, if you don’t have it already: Camunda Platform REST API

Then you can use the Model API to query the BPMN structure: Read a Model |

If your process model contains gateways, it will be more complicated to guess the tasks that can be activated.

Hope this helps, Ingo

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Thanks @Ingo_Richtsmeier

I was missing the Model API. My processes have user tasks and gateways so I will experiment with it to see how I can isolate the user tasks and their attributes which I need.

Thank you again

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