Retrieving historical values of a file variable

Hello everyone

In the cockpit, when checking the variables of a process, I see there is a different management for variables of file type. I am using the trial enterprise version.

When you have a string variable, the cockpit shows past values. However, when the variable is of file type, there is no way to download past values

I guess one can retrieve past values using directly the API, but, is there a way in the cockpit to download the different values of this variable?

Thanks in advance


the download is possible with the invoice-example:

Here you can upload a file and download it from the Cockpit.

Maybe it’s an issue of encoding?

Check the difference between uploading the file in your application and the example:

Hope this helps, Ingo

That’s not the issue. I can download. My point is, in a process where a file type variable is filled in with different values (say there is a loop in the process definition), how can I retrieve each one of them afterwards? with simpler types, such as the string type in the snapshots I included in my post, it is possible. With file types, only the last value can be downloaded from the current GUI.