Retrieving Human Tasks by their Assignee

The task service can be used for retrieving tasks by their assignees, e.g.:


This works fine for BPMN tasks and ACTIVE CMMN Tasks (see also CMMN - retrieving the form key using the form service - #2 by thorben)

Now how am I able to retrieve CMNN human tasks by their assignee which are not active, e.g. in enabled state? I tried to find a solution by using the caseService, but this wasn’t successfull…

Thank you for your help!

This is not possible. The assignee is only determined when the actual user task instance is created (task = work item for user, queryable via TaskService) and this only happens when the CMMN task instance (= case execution, instance of CMMN element, queryable via CaseService) reaches state ACTIVE.


Thank you for your answer. This is really disturbing…
In my opinion, a clearly missing functionality :frowning: