Retry Failed Jobs - Database manual update


Question: Is there a way I can manually update the Database in order to trigger the retry of a failed job, and automatically trigger the Incident Handler for resolveIncident at the same time?

Details: I have some failed jobs (incidents) that I want to be able to retry through the Database manually, and trigger the Indicent Handler (resolveIncident) automatically after the database update. Specifically, I tried updating the RETRIES_ column of the ACT_RU_JOB table, the job was successfully retried but the Incident Handler for resolveIncident did not get triggered.

I know that I can trigger a job retry through the ManagementService Java API (managementService.setJobRetries(jobId, 1)) which also triggers the Incident Handler, but I’d like to do it through the DB.

Thanks in advance!

Hello @nmanitaras ,

I would in general not recommend to modify the database directly.

Is there a specific reason why you will not use the provided API?


Because the operational users of my application would like to use directly the DB instead of triggering the REST API.

Hello @nmanitaras ,

if you really see no other way than this:

There is a table in the schema called act_ru_job. In this table, all currently active jobs are saved.

This table contains a column retries_ which counts down retries. You could adjust this value for the given job.

I am not aware of any side effects a manual adjustment of this value has as this is discouraged.