Reusable Process Components

I will be using Camunda on multiple projects and I am interested in gaining a level of reuse of process components and tasks. What are some of the ways that reuse can be achieved using Camunda? I see that the latest release indicates support for reusable components but I don’t see any documentation concerning reuse. Is there documentation on this? Frankly I am interested in reuse at all levels including the UI but in particular reusing processes and tasks.

Hi @Steven,

there are several steps to make your components reuseable.

Optional: make your service task implementation more generic with extensions: camunda-bpm-examples/ at master · camunda/camunda-bpm-examples · GitHub or for external service tasks: Fetch and Lock External Tasks | with includeExtensionProperties.

  1. Provide easier access to your components with element templates in the modeler: Use Element Templates to Extend the Modeler | You can predefine values for your components or define dropdowns instead of free text input. And provide input-/output mappings to provide the variables that your service implementation expects.
  2. Distribute the Element Templates in your company with the Cawemo-Camunda Modeler integration: Camunda Modeler | Provide a template catalog in Cawemo (Catalog Projects | and sync it to all connected modelers. This is available as an enterprise feature only.

Hope this helps, Ingo