Reusable process in different departments

Hi all,
we want processes to be reusable. With this idea in mind, we want to start the same process definition but for different departments and hide the user tasks that belong to a department from the other departments.
For example, John having role MANAGER sees the user tasks from Department1 and Jack having role MANAGER sees the user tasks from Department2 but he does not see the ones from Department1 although they both have the same role.

How to model this?

If CandidateGroups=MANAGER then both John and Jack would see the user tasks from other departments.
If we create separate processes per departments where CandidateGroups=Department1 for Department1 and CandidateGroups=Department2 for Department2 then we would have 2 process definitions, thus the process would be duplicated and we would have to maintain both.

Please advise.

Paul Palacean

Check out:

Basically you could create usable sub processes which have the specific candidate groups. So you can inject all the contextual info you need to decide who should have the proper permissions.

You can do this on a per activity level as well. But have found it easier to manage when it’s down with call activities.

Hi @ppalacean,

If I got you well… All what you need to do is to set the candidateGroups to dynamic value “should be assigned to process variable not a static value”. This process variable will be filled with the correct group name on the start event based on the department of the starter or whatever criteria.

That would work.Thanks @hassang.