Reusable sub process


Is there a way to configure that the main process to continue after triggering sub process through call activity and sub process is not needed to return back to main process after completion??

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Devakumar J

Hi @Devakumar_Jayaraman,

can you achieve it using parallel gateway?


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Hi Askar,

The use case is the main process has to call another process before completion. Once sub-process triggered, the main process has to proceed without waiting for sub-process and get completed.

Is there any config available with call Activity?? I am not sure that i can acheive this with parallel gateway.

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Devakumar J

Hi Devakumar Jayaraman,
As @aakhmerov suggested
Parallel Gateway should do your requirement…
You should have a fork Parallel Gateway where there are
2 outgoing sequence flows. One would call the sub process through Call Activity & the other would continue the main process.
Note that all outgoing sequence flows are executed in parallel which is your requirement.

Hi @hassang, Looks like it is not working as expected. When one path reaching End Node, the whole process is getting completed and flushed to database. In other path, sub-process is not at all getting triggered. I have used Parallel Gateway, one flow connecting End Node and other flow connecting sub-process Node.

Hi @Devakumar_Jayaraman
Can you please share your bpmn file or an image of your bpmn model?

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