Reuse process

can you reuse one process in another? example I have an act publishing process, with forms and java codes, I would like to reuse this process as a subprocess in another without having to create the forms and java codes. Has as?

The chance of re-use is quite high, however there are a few considerations. To re-use the process, at least two patterns come to mind. You could;

  1. Use a call activity to call the reusable process, and when complete, control will pass back to the parent process.
  2. Start the reusable process from the last task in your parent thus chaining the processes together

Pattern 1 is the more usual use-case. A few items to be aware of, if your reusable process has a start form, then your call will need to include process variables representing the form’s content.

So in a dev environment, give it a go, identify where you my need some IO mappings. You may be surprised how easy it is to get going.



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