Rules ENgine in Camunda

The DMN tables work really well in Camunda. Does Camunda also have a rules engine like Drool ?

Camunda does not provide Drools libraries directly, but you can easily include that dependency in your pom.xml maven file, and then use Drools normally in a JavaDelegate for a Business Rule Task in your workflow. If you can do it in Java, you can do it in Camunda.

Per Drools documentation, there is support in Drools to use DMN.

Hope that helps.

Thanks. Only interested in Drools Rules engine. Not DMN from drools. I am fine with using Camunda DMN.

@shkrish, You can integrate with other rule engines. To do so, you have to plug in your implementation of the rule task the same way as in a Service Task.

Refer this:

Alternatively, a Business Rule Task can be implemented using Java Delegation just as a Service Task.

Also, a Business Rule Task can be implemented via the External Task mechanism

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thank you Aravind