Run python external task client in background

Hello there,
I used python and the camunda-external-task-client-python3 package from the camunda hub to build my external task client in python. I followed the and everything works fine.

My only problem is, that I get “caught”, when I start the client. I can only keep it running or stop it. At the latest when my ssh session times out, the client stops working. Is there any way to start it “in the background”, so it runs “forever”?

Thanks for your help in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @wolkenb0t,

Please correct me if I’m wrong. I think it is enough to start the worker as a background process that is detached from your terminal/ssh session. If you are running on a POSIX compliant operating system, the following should work:

nohup python &

Hi @StephanHaarmann,
didn’t thought about that. Great idea. Thanks a lot!