Run Sub Processes Multiple Times

I have created sub processes with Multi Instance Collection and each sub process has a Signal Intermediate Catch Event with Global Signal created from the Multi Instance Collection.
This is running fine when the signals are received and all sub-processes are completing fine.

However, the signals can arrive multiple times and I want to continuously run the sub-processes as and when the signals arrive.
I have a challenge to create duplicate signals for the same sub-processes and events.

I need help on this.

Hi @sandeepsamal
Can you upload the processes you’re talking about and also explain how you’re triggering the signal?

Thanks for the reply.

Please find the attached one. This BPMN is invoked from another parent BPMN.Test_Diagram.bpmn (5.0 KB)

The Signals are created from a Java class using

Once this Java class is called , it sends the Signal.
But this class is going to be called multiple times for the same signal. I want to run the sub processes every time.

Try using an event sub-processs
That way your process will be able to deal with as many signals as are created as along as it’s running.

Test_Diagram.bpmn (6.8 KB)

Thanks again.
So if I use Event Sub-process, is it going to dynamically create the Signals?

A non-interrupting event sub process will wait for any number of singles to be send while the process is running. I’ve created a token simulation which should show it. EventSubProcessSignal

Thank you so much. Let me try this.