Run webapps and process engine as standalone Apps

Hi Community Folk!

Is it possible to run out of the box webapps (Cockpit, Tasklist, Admin) as standalone angularjs apps that can communicate with a standalone process engine via RESTFul websevices. Something similar to below architecture where Remote Applications will be OOTB angularjs webapps from camunda.

They apps are built to communicate to a local engine via their own secure rest end point.
So you can’t really start them up own their own without the engine. that said, the engine can act as a gateway for the webapps. by turning off the job executor the engine will never do any work. It will only be a service for webapp requests.

Thanks @Niall for sharing this useful tip, we got some direction. Couple of follow up questions.

  1. When you say local engine can act as a gateway, can we redirect http calls received from webapps to the local engine to a different process engine hosted on a different server ? If so can you please share any available documentation on this approach ?

  2. Searched entire webapps folder and only found below config under “/src/test/resources”. Does this mean job executor is disabled by default on the local engine? if not, can you please help on how to turn it off ?

<property name="jobExecutorActivate" value="false" />

My setup

  1. downloaded webapps code from “camunda-bpm-platform/webapps at master · camunda/camunda-bpm-platform · GitHub

  2. npm install

  3. grunt

  4. mvn jetty:run -Pdevelop