Running engine sql files in spring boot application

Hi everyone,
I copied all sql files from engine jar to my spring boot application resources and disabled schema-update camunda.bpm.database.schema-update: false. I use liquibase to run sql scripts.

When I run the service, process engine runs before sql files are executed by liquibase and I get following error:

caused by: org.camunda.bpm.engine.ProcessEngineException: ENGINE-03057 There are no Camunda tables in the database. Hint: Set <property name=“databaseSchemaUpdate” to value=“true”

Is there a way to ensure liquibase scripts run before engine starts?

Thank you

I had a similar problem with flyway and while I no longer have access to the codebase of that project to check the particular solution, I recall managing it by introducing some dependencies between/ordering of flyway config and process engine config beans. Maybe someone has a better suggestion though.

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