Save to delete History Data when using Camunda Optimize?

Hi out there,
we are already using Camunda for quite a long time, and now we had a look to Optimze.
I am just wondering whether Optimze collects ALL data of the history tables, so it is save to delete all die History Tables (or use the Cleanup Process) without loosing any information?

(One of the reasons to use Camunda was that we perhaps wants to analyse data later, but now we have millions of rows and performance get down. It would be nice if REALLY ALL information go to Optimize / ElasticSearch, so it is save to delete all data in relational databese…)

Hi @Timo,

The new version 2.1.0 of Optimize will be released at the end of the month. With this version you don’t have to worry about deleting data in the engine anymore. So the answer is yes :slight_smile: (with some limitations: please refer to my next post)

As you described it, you can use Optimize store all the data and perform the analysis later. You could also have a look at the blog post of the 2.1.0-alpha1 release, where your scenario is described as well.

Does that answer you question?


Hi Johannes,

I think there is nothing more to say:

Thanks! I will have a look to the new version… and hopes there will be no bug so our data is lost :wink:

Hi Timo,

We will try our best, that this is not happening :wink:

One important additional remark to my post from before that might be very important for you: Optimize only imports the data that it needs for its analysis. There will be data in the engine that is lost, after you delete it even if Optimize has done the import of the data. Examples would be:

  • everything about Cases or Decisions
  • incidents
  • user opertions log
  • history about tasks
  • external task log

Since we don’t import it for now. Just that you are aware of that.


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Hi Johannes,

again thanks for the reply… is there a complete list, which data is imported by Optimize?
Would be nice to know when I discuss with the people of the business organisation…

Hi Timo,

The following entities will be imported with Optimize 2.1.0:

  • the history of the activity instances.
  • the history of the process instances.
  • the history of variables. Though here we only keep the latest version of the variable and only import primitive types.
  • process definitions.
  • process definition xmls.

In future versions of Optimize there can be expected more to come of course.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: