Saving data

I have a question about saving data

For example, when I enter an invoice and I just want to save this data
How/where can I save this data
Do you have an idea

Hi @chahramane_hafid,

Below docs might be of help to you

Hi @hassang i think you did not understand me

I created a bmpn program
in the first task is a user task there i built an interface where i simply enter data
next task i want this input to be saved in my database
do you have an idea how i do it

Hi @chahramane_hafid,

one of many options is to add a service task and implement a Java delegate or an external task worker (External Task Client Spring Boot Starter |, that uses JDBC to save the variables of the process into your database.

Replace the // add your business logic here with the required java code.

Hope this helps, Ingo

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