Scala-feel as Expression Language in Camunda Platform 7

I want to add scala-feel to my existing Tomcat Installation as Expression Language. So my idea was to have another Expression Language next to JUEL, to simplify the migration to Camunda 8.

According to this Blog the syntax in Camunda 8 looks like:
=string(tenantId) + "-process-order" (starting with =) which is different to JUEL that uses ${..}. So it could be differentiated.

Is there a way to add scala-feel as expression language next to JUEL.

According to this Blog, it can be added as Script Engine - (which worked and may be a workaround).

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Ok, with the help of the enterprise support, I got the solution. See here the ticket: Camunda - log in - camunda JIRA

See the link from @Tobias_Conz!

Hi @pme123,

visibility of issues in the Caminda Support Project is limited to your organization. Tickets accepted as Bug / Feature in the CAM Project are open to all users - [CAM-11288] Support FEEL Scala Engine as integrated Script Engine - camunda JIRA

Greets Tobias