Scaling Camunda versus Security problem

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I’m tripping over such a problem - the moment I scale Spring Boot Camunda 7 app to 2+, I can no longer auth through the web. After a second of thinking, I’m getting a Wrong credentials, locked user or missing access rights to application.

I did go with that approach, and it did seem to work, but apart from me not meddling with Spring Security for the last… 7 years (Spring Boot was still something new in those days), with a dash of me still learning Camunda, I’m getting the impression that disabling such a crucial part of the production app… is NOT a good thing.

I did go through the forum and found a few possible things to tweak, but none of them seem to touch the subject of “the moment I scale the app”.

My security config is basic:

    public FilterRegistrationBean processEngineAuthenticationFilter() {
        FilterRegistrationBean registration = new FilterRegistrationBean();
        registration.setFilter(new ProcessEngineAuthenticationFilter());
        registration.addInitParameter("authentication-provider", HttpBasicAuthenticationProvider.class.getName());
        return registration;

Found this one right here Configure Authentication |

But I’m still facing this problem.

Any ideas?


Multiple instances of the Camunda webapps don’t share their sessions, so the user will log in to one of them but subsequent requests to the others will fail.


  • Use sticky sessions in your request routing, so that requests for the same session always go the same instance. This is the recommended approach.
  • Configure persistent sessions in Spring Boot. Not sure how well this works, maybe there is something on it in the forum.


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I’m having mixed thoughts that this is handled by Spring Boot and not by Camunda

I’ve tried logging debug both camunda and spring boot, but I still can’t find who is giving the call.

Sticky session is “not desirable”, and google makes me believe that persistent session has been as default for some time now. I did try some props, but that didn’t seem to give any effect