Scaling in Camunda 8 community version

Dear Camunda Community,

I have a question and couldn’t find an answer to the question itself so I’m posting it here and would be happy to learn from the community.

Is it possible to perform scaling on Camunda 8 community version? If yes, what could be the best approach to perform scaling if you have around 5000 users? Thanks!

Kind regards,
Rahib B.

Hi @Rahib_Butt - by “community version” are you referring to a standalone Zeebe installation? Zeebe is scalable, but the scaling depends on the number of process instances, not the number of users.

Because you mentioned “community version,” which is something never really existed with Camunda 8, I do also want to make sure you have read the recent announcement about licensing changes in version 8.6

Hi @nathan.loding, thank you for your reply. I actually meant by the Camunda self-managed (development and testing) version. I read the article that you shared and now it totally makes sense that in order to make the system live, it’s a must to have a production license from Camunda. Only then the scaling can be tested based on the process instances right?

Hi @Rahib_Butt - no, you do not need a production license to test scaling. Scaling Zeebe is a pretty linear relationship to the number of processes you are running, not to the number of users, and you can scale the product with the development/test licenses. It will be a few more days, but we have a recording of a talk from last weeks’ CamundaCon from Camunda’s Falko Menge about scaling Zeebe; check back to the CamundaCon website later this week to find the recording!