Scheduled task do not run after server reboot

Hello people
I have some processes that contain external tasks scheduled by time.
What’s the problem ? until restarting the server there are no problems, they work very well. But after the server is restarted these tasks only create new instances manually, they completely lose the function of starting automatically by time. And with that I’m not saying that after restarting the process manually it goes back to working normally, that’s not it. what i mean is that it creates a first instance if you start manually, and will only create the second instance if you manually start again. The only way I could fix this was to delete the process and to deploy it again.
Any suggestions to solve this without having to delete and then deploy the processes? Ideally, the process should resume working normally after the server is restarted (if it needs to be restarted).
Thank you.

Hi @Jorge_Candeias,

this sounds like a problem with the deployment registration of the job executor. Please check your process engine configuration if the property jobExecutorDeploymentAware is set to false.

Best regards,