Scheduling for years


I have a use case where I must schedule either:

  • starting a worklow/bpmn after one or two years from now
  • wait in a step of a bpmn for one or two years
    I plan to have around 500 000 schedule running.
  1. Is Camunda the right tool for such “long range schedule” ? (if not why ?)
  2. Does anyone have experiences on such use case with pro/cons and warning ?
  3. I am little bit worried about maintenance and stayin in sync with latest camunda releases, have you any hints or good practice for such use case ?

note: I am using Camunda 7 but I plan to migrate to 8

Thank you by advance for any valuable information !


Hi @christ,

generally a process engine is the perfect way to implement waiting.

In the end it depends how much disk space (Camunda 8: Sizing your environment | Camunda Platform 8) or database space (Camunda 7: Sizing Your Camunda 7 Environment | Camunda Platform 8) is required to store all the process instances.

Hope this helps, Ingo