Script task in javascript - camunda

I am trying to apply simple logic in script task using javascript.

<bpmn:scriptTask id="check_validation" name="Check Validation" scriptFormat="JavaScript">
  <bpmn:script><![CDATA[console.log("Bilal Usean")]]></bpmn:script>

it throws error console not defined, same kind of error I got in alert function too.

The process could not be started. : Cannot
instantiate process definition
mortgae_process:1:eb506d56-a4ae-11e6-8420-0242ac110003: Unable to
evaluate script: ReferenceError: “console” is not defined in at line number 1

Hi @busean

Try using print() or println()
Camunda BPM supports scripting with JSR-223 compatible script engine implementations
Javascript is part of the Java Runtime (JRE)