SDK Angular 2 integration

:wink: When and can we expact Angular 2 support ?
Thanks a lot for an answer :point_left:

When and can we expact Angular 2 support ?

Could you elaborate on that? (Where and what for do you need it?)

Hi Nikku, thx for getting back.
I try to figure out if there exists any plans/roadmap to include an SDK with Angular 2 integration regarding Forms (like AngularJS yet). I know that Angular 2 exists only as an RC version at the moment, but perhaps you could give me an outlook?
In context - I’m try to figure out how can I use Camanda to support SPA for the futur.

thx for getting back ;-(

Hi rafa,

we didn’t noticed the post as it was in categorized in the wrong section… (I changed that)

to answer your question… very unlikely that it happens soon (if even)



Hi Vale

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