Search user tasks by candidateGroup not working

Our camunda version is 7.15.0
We use rest API to search User Tasks in our java based application. We need to query tasks by candidateGroup. Via rest API reference Get Tasks | we use query with parameter ‘candidateGroup’:

GET engine-rest/task?candidateGroup=uwp_group

but we got an empty array [] for result. We even have tried POST query -
POST engine-rest/task
with JSON body:
“candidateGroup”: “uwp_group”

but we got the same empty result.

We sure that we have user tasks with this candidateGroup on our process because we can find task by ‘id’ and we made sure the candidateGroup of the task set corrected because the query for identity-links (GET /task/{id}/identity-links have returned obvious result with our candidateGroup - uwp_group.

Could you please help? Why the query GET engine-rest/task?candidateGroup=uwp_group do not work?
What a mistake we are doing with our queries?
Thank you very much.

We have found that we need to include parameter includeAssignedTasks=true to our query.
It’s very uncool that this fact is not presented in documentation.

Hi @kirillzharskiy ,

Thanks for pointing this omission from the docs out. Would you be willing to submit a PR to the docs for that missing bit? Or would you prefer that I do it?

Best Regards,

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Hi, @davidgs
Thanks for your answer.
It will be great if you put instruction for querying tasks here Get Tasks |

best regards, Kirill