Select next assigned task form automatically

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I want my task list to display next task form automatically if next task is assigned to the same user. I have gone through the source code. I can see a notification is showing when the next task is assigned to the same user. So am thinking to reuse the same code to satisfy my requirement . Am copying the same code here. Please help me how i can change this to fulfil my requirement

     return function(params) {
      if(!params.assignee || !(params.processInstanceId || params.caseInstanceId)) {
      Task.list(params, function(err, data) {
        if(data._embedded.task.length > 0) {
          var msg = "";
          for(var task, i = 0; !!(task = data._embedded.task[i]); i++) {
            msg += '<a ng-href="#/?task='+ +'" ng-click="removeNotification(notification)">''</a>, ';
          $translate(params.processInstanceId ? 'ASSIGN_NOTE_PROCESS' : 'ASSIGN_NOTE_CASE').then(function(translated) {
              duration: 16000,
              status: translated,
              message: msg.slice(0,-2)

Thanks Anish

Can you explain your context a little bit more? Do you have a custom script that is included? A plugin? Do you just want to change the code-base?

You should re-route the location instead. I’m taking a wild guess here;


or perhaps



Thanks for the reply @sebastian.stamm and @nvanbelle . I have changed the code base. Now its working fine.

I have another doubt regarding user task form. Is there any facility in camunda to create page flow like forms ?

Or Any option to integrate forms built on builder with camunda task forms ?

I have read some discussion on both topics but didn’t get an exact idea on how to implement this.


No. You would have to add additional angular libraries.

@Ajr are you trying to chain user task together to create BPMN based wizards?

@StephenOTT Exactly , I have achieved pageflow by immediately showing next user task form if it is assigned to the login user. But i want to improve this to have a wizard like template. I have read some reference regarding form io builder integration with camunda .You also expressed some thoughts over it. Expecting your support on this .


@Ajr what is your use case?

As you can see here:

I am of the opinion that using BPMN to create wizards is more effort than it is worth, and raising the complexity of creating and managing wizards way beyond anything reasonable or “worth it”. See the link above for examples.

Look at this as a example: GitHub - craue/CraueFormFlowBundle: Multi-step forms for your Symfony project.. We use this as our primary bundle to create simple and complex wizards. Look at the feature sets, and then compare to the level of configuration in a BPMN that would be required to match the features.

Also consider the Camunda BPMN user task life cycle, and how that has a large impact on your abilities to manage wizard flow “back” or jump to previous step actions.

Hi @StephenOTT ,

Thanks for your response. Am planning to design forms in form builder and embed the same in user task. But currently am trying to include formio libraries to camunda . I have
never worked with bower and grunt , so am really stuck up including
libraries . Can you suggest how i can add external libraries into camunda .



If you have never worked with the JS libraries, I would suggest that you do not start with that. Start with a external language that you know, and use the External Forms pattern ( and/or build a small application to replace the task list (similar to the formio example that you mentioned in the cross-post).

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Hi @StephenOTT ,

This article is saying about custom script where we can add angular directives and libraries.

customScripts: {
ngDeps: [‘ui.bootstrap’],
deps: [‘jquery’, ‘custom-ui’],
paths: {
‘custom-ui’: ‘custom-ui/scripts’

I got some thing like this from config.js . But am not sure what this tags are meant for and how it works finally . I have given some trial are error but didn’t succeed .

I want to inject formio libraries to camunda . So that i can embed the json form in camunda (Hope it will work :slight_smile: )
Can you help.


What have you changed to make this happen beside what @nvanbelle has recommended? Please post the modifications if you can.


HI Ajr,
I am new to camunda and exploring task form should display instead task list . I noticed you have changed the code base ,could you please share me more details .This would help me to close some of the activities .
Thanks in advance .
where I can get the code base and which call need to be modified etc…

HI Ajr,
Please share me the details where did you change .Kindly share me the code if possible .

I had looked the scripts camunda-bpm-tomcat-7.8.0\server\apache-tomcat-8.0.47\webapps\camunda\app\tasklist\scripts\config.js files but I didn’t get exact idea what needs to be done .Please let me know what to change in this file .

Hi All,
Please let me know which source file need to be changed for showing the user task form .
I have looked at D:\software\camunda-bpm-tomcat-7.8.0\server\apache-tomcat-8.0.47\webapps\camunda\app\tasklist\scripts*.js
This is bit urgent.